Sunday, 13 March 2011

Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because you fear of rejection was hard too handle ?

Just look at the the title and i know thats me :)

i have this kinda feeling. HAHA :D
so funny. To whom, i cant tell. okay. he is U.
but, in the end, i think i got no feeling for him. He is just my FRIEND.
But he kept giving me hope n i hate the situations. he is a friend of my sis. and we're getting closer since my birthday. I thought he is the best birthday present. haha. but, actually he IS not.

i realized something. the title didn't suit my story. OOPPSS. my bad.

p/s : have you ever denied your feeling for someone because your fear of rejection was hard too handle ?
p/s : i don't love him like i did yesterday :)


  1. thanks dear i follow u back..keep updating i'll comment u keep in touch =)

  2. pika. saye amek kat dlm ni punya jaa. haha :D
    awak tak payah laa susa2 tanye sape U pulak coz u already know.