Thursday, 10 March 2011

What helps me to express my feelings and dreams that i can't say to people, is through my WRITING

iyiyi ( like Cody Simpson's )

i have some story to share.okay.i have a friend name E.
She asked me for help one day via fb. so, without any sweat i helped her.
but, once i tried to reach her for a help. she avoid me. what a girl ! Damn it !
okay. but for the second time i tried to reach her, she avoid me ! AGAIN !
so. no wonder her boyfriend left her for someone else !
because she deserved that ! SELFISH and ARROGANT !
End of story about her.

i have been working with PSS for a week.
its really tired. i was like a stupid maid. urm. no lah. i take back the words.
i was like a poor Cinderella :) HAHA

okay. that's all for today.
thank you sooo mucccchooo !
loveeyoouuu <3


  1. hehee..
    berangan nak jadik cinderella..
    sape E tu??